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Plane makes emergency landing as passengers gag after dog poops in the aisle

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Anyone who is a frequent flyer knows, most flights are uneventful, although not always on schedule. On Thursday, a service dog flying in the cabin of U.S. Airways Flight 598 may have been giving his unsolicited opinion of being forced to endure a two hour delay on the tarmac reported Inside Edition.

The Los Angeles to Philadelphia flight started out a few hours late, but to a service dog, that made a profound difference. About an hour into the flight, passenger Steve McCall stated:

"...I started smelling this terrible smell. I look up the aisle way, and there's a dog pooping right in the middle of the aisle. It's a big dog, three or four feet tall or long, and he was just going!"

So passengers are reported to have been having dry-heaves and gagging; the crew certainly did their best to clean up the mess, but the doggy drama still wasn't over.

Service dog pooped again!

This time there wasn't even enough cleaning supplies or paper towels to remedy the pile of poop, and the smell; well who wants to even imagine re-circulated airplane air filled with dog poop aroma.

The pilot then came on and announced an emergency landing diverted to Kansas City, Missouri to clean up the mess and deodorize the plane.

The dog's owner was extremely sorry about the incident. She apologized and asked people for their home addresses:

"‘Hey, so sorry, I want to get all your addresses so I can give you a Starbucks gift card!’ "

It's still a dog's world!

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