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Plane lands at wrong airport

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A plane landed at the wrong airport on Sunday reported CNN on January 12, 2014.

The Southwest Airlines Flight 4013 departed Chicago Midway International Airport Sunday evening headed for the Branson Airport in Missouri, but landed over 8 miles away at the M. Graham Clark Airport in Taney County.

The runway at Clark Airport is 3,738 feet long, about half the length of the 7,140 feet long runway at Branson Airport.

The plane had to brake hard to make the landing, stopping 300 feet away from the end of the runway.

"As soon as we touched down, the pilot applied the brake very hard and very forcibly," said Scott Schieffer, a Dallas attorney.

"I was wearing a seatbelt, but I was lurched forward because of the heavy pressure of the brake. You could smell burnt rubber, a very distinct smell of burnt rubber as we were stopping."

Upon landing the pilot notified the passengers that they had landed at the wrong airport.

No injuries were reported.

Southwest has grounded the pilot and co-pilot while the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board investigate the incident.