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Plane diverted, passenger arrested

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A plane flying from Tokyo to New York was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska, early Monday after a passenger on the flight had to be restrained reported Reuters on February 10, 2014.

ANA Flight 10 had departed from Tokyo enroute to John F. Kennedy Airport when a man lost control and was eventually subdued by crew members and other passengers.

Chuck Lustig, a Human Rights Watch deputy executive director, said Ochinero was in the seat behind him.

"He was berserk from the moment he got on the plane. He was yelling and screaming, spitting on the floor. He was smacking the back of my seat and other passengers' seats," Lustig said.

"It was more like crazy grunting. Nothing really intelligible."

Ochinero was zip-tied by crew members and passengers.

In a statement released by the Federal Bureaur of Investigation, Nobuya Michael Ochinero, 38, was taken into custody after the plane landed at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

ANA spokesman, Nao Gunji, stated that Flight 10 was able to continue to New York after Ochinero was removed from the plane.

At this time no injuries to airline personnel or passengers have been reported.

The FBI states that charges have not yet been filed.