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Plane crashes in Elbert County, pilot OK

Parachute deployed, pilot ok as Cirrus crashes in Elbert County
Parachute deployed, pilot ok as Cirrus crashes in Elbert County
Photo: Courtesy Cory Stark, Director ECEM

According to Elbert County Emergency Management (ECEM) a pilot leaving from Centennial Airport this morning put his plane down by parachute emergency system in creek bed near CR 53 in Elbert County and survived the incident. The statement from ECEM says that at approximately 6am today, a local pilot leaving Centennial Airport ran into trouble over Elbert County and deployed his parachute emergency system to land his plane in a creek bed in. The Pilot was the only passenger on board and is ok. Local residents on CR 53 heard the plane and then a the sound of a crash and dialed 911. Deputies from the Elbert County Sheriffs Office, Rattlesnake Fire and Kiowa Fire Department crews immediately began rescue efforts. The pilot also called 911 and was able to assist in reporting his location using latitude and longitude coordinates from his navigation system to 911 dispatchers. Crews in the area used sirens to help pilot guide them to where he was via dispatchers. Pilot and plane were then located at around 6:45am, no fire was reported as a result of the crash. Both Centennial airport, the origination point for the flight and the FAA have been advised of the crash.

The plane was manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft and was fitted with a Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™) which is standard on all Cirrus aircraft. Once deployed, the CAPS system lowers the aircraft to the ground. According to their website, Cirrus is currently the only manufacturer with this type of safety system fitted as standard in their aircraft.