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Plane crash kills 77 with 1 survivor: Women, children dead in mountain crash

A plane crash killed all on board, except one man, who was the only one to make it through a crash that claimed 77 lives today. The plane was flying over Algeria when air traffic control lost contact with the U.S. built C-130 Hercules turboprop a little before lunchtime on Tuesday, according to ABC News on Feb. 11.

Plane crash kills 77 with only 1 survivor found at Algeria mountainside crash site..
YouTube screen shot

The plane departed from Tamanrasset and headed for Constantine with 74 passengers and four crew on board. Once contact was lost, helicopters were dispatched to find the plane and when they did it was in pieces after crashing into a mountainside.

A soldier was the lone survivor of this crash. He was flown to a nearby military facility and treated for a head injury. He was then flown to the Algiers military hospital.

The crash site was described by a retired Algerian Intelligence officer who did not want his name released because he was not authorized to give a report on the crash. He said the plane broke into three pieces, scattering debris over a snowy mountainside. Women and children were among the dead in this crash.

Military transports don't just carry the soldiers, they often carry families of the military as well as civilians. The aircraft made by Lockheed Martin Company was 24-years-old.

Why that lone survivor was spared in this crash is probably the million dollar question today. What made him so lucky to leave the crash site alive when 77 bodies were strewn around him?

The military believes it was the inclement weather in the area at the time of the crash that caused the plane to go down. Snow storms were reported in the area at the time the plane crashed.

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