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Plane crash in Aspen: Aircraft flips over and bursts into flames upon landing

A plane crash in Aspen that ended in an explosion occurred on Jan. 5. The private airport, which ended up killing one person and injuring two others, was on track to land at Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, located about 100 miles southeast of Denver when the accident happened. The airport is currently closed until further notice.

With regard to the accident, according to ABC News. the aircraft involved, said to be a Bombardier Challenger 600, apparently started to circle from above Aspen after attempting to land more than once.

Sadly, after the pilot's final attempt at landing, the fatal crash occurred with the plane burst flipping over and bursting into flames while missing the runway altogether.

Three were said to be aboard this plane. Sergio Carranza Brabata, a 54-year-old Mexican citizen who was also a co-pilot, died upon impact. The others were transported to an area hospital with the pilot possibly in critical condition. The passenger is said to be better off, but no details are available at this time.

The New York Times reports that the crash occurred just before one p.m. on Sunday and that fire and emergency personnel came to the scene to assist. Since this is a popular skiing destination for Hollywood luminaries, a couple were on hand to witness the tragedy including LeAn Rimes and Kevin Nealon.

And so, as a plane flying from Tucson to Aspen allegedly crashes after flipping over and bursting into flames upon landing, this deadly story is still unfolding.

Please stay tuned for further information as the investigation continues.

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