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Plan your picnic now with Stack Wine

Stack Wine
Stack Wine
Stack Wine

Now that winter is almost behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the warmer weather. With that comes as much time spent outdoors as possible.

One of our favorite activities in springtime is planning a picnic. We love adding new items to our picnic basket and this year will be no exception.

Meet Stack Wine, one of the easiest ways to take some wine with you on the go. Each pack comes with four small plastic interlocking glasses that make traveling fun. Simply snap off a glass from the pack and pull back the cover to unveil a delicious single serve cup of charisma, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, or chardonnay.

Each recyclable cup is shaped like a stemless wine glass and comes with four individual containers stacked on top of one another to form the equivalent of one full bottle of wine.

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