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Plan to build up McClellan-Palomar Airport traffic moves ahead

The McClellan-Palomar Airport landing field and airport facilities.
The McClellan-Palomar Airport landing field and airport facilities.

Passenger flight counts at McClellan-Palomar Airport, expected to rise above 100,000 a year in 20 years, might, instead, soon rise to above 200,000 passengers. Last week, public support for a plan to add major facilities improvements to the Airport Master Plan lasted through a public workshop.

An update, once passed by the county supervisors, before the current plan ends, next year, would give the airport flexibility to build out the airport layout to set up the grounds and facilities for use that meets the growing flight demand. Routes for commercial flights going throgh SanDiego currently keep fliers on watch for an open airport. San Diego International Airport traffic, overgrown past the airport's limit, often needs an alternative destination.

Future flight destinations stay in the airport's plans during the months the public works out the facilities improvements the airport will build. Increases in the flights destined for Las Vegas, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix and Seattle, depend on approvals by the public and the county supervisors. A full plan will be done in September.

Alternative airport build out plans will stay under consideration after the final plan is finished. The top build out plan would open up the field for use by over 700,000 flight passengers a year. Over 500,000 passengers is an alternative that would prepare the airport to meet demand over the olong term.

County supervisors can take an opportunity to request federal funding for the airport projects after an airport layout plan is made using the updated master plan.

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