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Plan out your meals, part 2

When you plan out your meals, the best thing to look at is your 6 food groups. You want to make sure you eat from every food groups (protein, vegetables, fruits, grain, dairy, water).

Since you have seven days to plan out your meals, you want to make sure all of the food groups are divided evenly. For example, for the protein group, each day you would want to eat a different kind of protein. If you eat chicken on Monday, then you want to eat something else for Tuesday, such as fish or turkey, or any other protein you have not eaten yet. And then on Wednesday, you want to eat something else such as beans or tofu, and so on.

Another example would be for the vegetable group. On Monday, you could eat broccoli and carrot. Then on Tuesday, eat something else like corn and spinach. For the other days, you want to eat something else.

You want to do the same thing for every food group for your seven day meals planning.

The reason why you want to eat a wide variety of food is because your body needs different nutrients to stay healthy. One food does not have all the nutrients that the body needs.

In order to have a healthy meal or plate when you are eating, here is a rule of thumb; you want to double up your vegetables and fruits for every serving of protein and grain you are eating. A healthy plate is when half of your plate is filled with vegetable and fruit, and ¼ is filled with protein, and the other ¼ is filled with grain. For example, if you are eating one serving of protein, then you want to eat at least 2 servings of fruit and vegetable. If you are eating two servings of protein, then you want to eat at least 4 servings of fruit and vegetable.

The advantage of laying out your meals on paper for a week is that you will be able to see what you are putting into your stomach. The more the brain can see exactly what you are eating, the better your chance to want to improve on your diet.

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