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Plan out your meals, part 1

Do you have a busy life that makes it difficult for you to prepare healthy meals? Do you go home after a long and tired day of work and do not know what you eat, and then you end up eating foods that are not healthy for you such as ordering take out?
Even though you have a good intention to prepare a healthy meal when you get home after work, you will still have a high chance of not preparing a healthy meal. It is not because you do not have enough time to prepare a decent meal; it is because your brain is not thinking clearly.

After a long day of work, the brain is really tired and out of energy. In order to prepare a decent meal, your brain has to be productive, not stress out. For example, when you are stress out, what are you mostly likely to crave to eat? You are most likely to crave for chocolate, ice cream, or other sugary and fatty foods, right? Even though you might know that you need to drink a cup of water than eating ice cream when you are stressing out, the mind will not tell you to drink a cup of water. The only time when the mind will tell you to drink a cup of water is when it is productive.

To help you eat healthy after a long day, you want to plan out your meals on what you are going to cook ahead of time. When you plan your cooking ahead of time, it will help you to think less. You want to eliminate as much of your thinking as possible when you are stressing out. When you get home and know exactly what you are going to cook, then you do not need to waste time and energy in thinking.

The best thing for you to do is to plan out your cooking meals for one whole week. The minimum is at least for one day ahead. You want to write down on paper exactly what you will cook for each day. Writing down on paper will help your mind see clearly on what you need to do. Even though you might have it memorize in your head, it will be more difficult for you to think what you are going to cook when you are stressing out. Remember, you want to eliminate as much thinking as possible.

In addition, you also want to develop meals that are under 15 minutes for emergency days. For example, if your meals require 20 minutes of cooking, but an emergency came up, and then you only have 10 minutes to cook your meal. Your brain will start to stress out because you only have 10 minutes to cook a 20 minutes meal. Furthermore, when your brain knows that you are in a hurry, it main focus will be on the emergency task, and not on preparing and cooking your food. However, if you have a 10 minutes meal ready, then you do not have to be stressed out and still be able to prepare a decent meal. And that is why having 15 minutes or less prepare meals is very important, is to avoid ordering take out or just by grabbing something unhealthy.

If you want to learn how to plan out healthy meals, then you will learn how in part 2.

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