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Plan for a mourning spell

The first of the Malaysian shoot down victims arrived back in The Netherlands today in a solemn caravan of 40 black hearses. We don’t know the identity of those inside as that will take some processing. We do know that 258 more bodies are either on their way or in the process of being discovered, if they can be. We know that their treatment from being shot down to mistreatment on the ground by ethnic Russian separatists, and perhaps Russians themselves was hideous and disrespectful.

Malaysian M17 shootdown disaster

These souls will be returning in the days ahead, and hopefully The Netherlands including the Royal Family will continue to repeat this exceptional return and greeting by citizens there.

Vladimir Putin and the Russian government continue to make a mockery of this disaster for which they are in part responsible. Putin goes on television at night trying to blame the Ukraines and Americans for this tragedy. That is the despicable nature of a dictator and a rogue nation.

The victims will eventually be identified, hopefully and repatriated with their families.

The Russians and separatist terrorists have dug a hole too deep for them to ever escape unforgivable rath. How long do Russians believe that it will take for the world to ever trust them? It will likely take generations, not just years. That process cannot begin until Russians take on the responsibility for what their government and leaders have done. So, forgiveness has yet to begin.

While Russians are hungry and lacking in material goods because their economy has been turned off, how long will it take for the world to think past Vladimir Putin and today’s events?

The last flight

We departed beautiful Netherlands
for reasons we only know
The sky was clear and the plan was perfect
all systems were working fine

Down below there was a war torn place
and we flew into the Ukraine space
just trusting to reach our final destination

Our peaceful journey exploded
and for a few seconds the air was choked,
the sound was loud, the temperature fell
as we sailed to the ground like raindrops


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