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Plan Cincinnati


The city of Cincinnati has begun getting input from its citizens for the preparation of its Comprehensive Plan.  A Comprehensive Plan is a planning tool used to determine land use for a particular geographical area.  When undergoing a plan a community determines what infrastructure is needed to keep it thriving, sustainable, safe and healthy for its current population and the expected growth.

Generally, the citizenry will provide input where they would like to see the development of housing, business and green space among other pertinent development needs.  For example, they will explain what type of housing is needed:  single family units, multi family units, affordable housing, market rate etc.  From the information provided to the local government, a plan is devised.  Due to the extensive nature of these types of plans and the large scope to address all identified development needs, the term Comprehensive Plan is used by the professionals in the Planning field.

It will be interesting to see how much input is provided by the faith community in the development of church buildings and other structures to be used for places of worship.  It has been over thirty years since Cincinnati conducted its last Comprehensive Plan.  From the presence of the church buildings throughout the community, although some now stand as remnants, in times past identifying land use for places of worship must have been a high priority.  After viewing the areas identified in this plan:  arts and culture; economic development and business retention; health, environment and green space; historic conservation; housing and neighborhood development; transportation and transient and urban design, it is not quite obvious which category church buildings would fall under.

Cincinnati conducted its neighborhood summit this past weekend and there were some faith based leaders in attendance.


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