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Plan B(lues, -eer, and -arbecue)

Located on the corner of stool and tap.
Located on the corner of stool and tap.
from, by owner


  • Scarlett 6 years ago

    nightlife review? really?

  • Ikeachyou 6 years ago

    As though I have any right to dignity?

  • HesterP. 6 years ago

    How does a craptacular chain like Shane's warrant a mention with real BBQ places? It's defunct for a reason.

  • Daniel 6 years ago

    Actually, though the restaurant was overpriced and unimaginative, I liked their barbecue, I thought they did a good job with it. I'm not sure what the popular consensus was on the Northgate iteration, but it did stay open for a long time. Chattanooga is a graveyard of restaurants to begin with. I mean, my God, look at Durty Nelly's.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Hi Daniel. Just ran across your review of Rhapsody and wanted to say thanks. I am one of the owners and although I wasn't happy about everything I read in your review, I appreciate your candidness. I hope you come back soon. We got our liquor license in August 2010, so we now serve liquor, beer, wine and hi-gravity beer. We also got rid of one pool table (which makes it a little easier to play) and we no longer do karaoke - thank God, because I hated karaoke! Anyway....cheers!

  • Profile picture of Daniel Annear
    Daniel Annear 4 years ago

    Done and done. I quit the Examiner for a while to do an actual paid writing gig, but I enjoyed scribbling drunkenly about drink, so I'm coming back. I really like the tweaks you've done, so I will make my re-inaugural article a re-visitation to your fine establishment. Re-review forthcoming.

    And cheers to you, sir.

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