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Plan a romantic getaway without leaving home

Romantic weekend at home
Romantic weekend at home

Need a couples getaway? Ever thought about staying at home? Yes, that right. Where you live can be a perfect place for some 'R and R'. Here are a few ideas to make your 'stay-at-home-getaway' a great one.

1. Unplug from daily distractions - Be sure to tell everyone that you are going on a getaway. By doing this you are letting others know that you will be busy and will be unable to be reached. Additionally, you can turn off your cell phone and avoid checking email and even hide out by not answering the door.

2. Set the mood – Now would be a great time to try some new music or put on a favorite album or playlist that is great for helping you relax. You would be surprised just how some good music can really set the mood.

3. Plan ahead for meals and entertainment - With a little prep you can enjoy all of your favorite meals at home. Be sure to have all of your groceries on hand ahead of time. For entertainment, rent that movie that you have been wanting to see or get out a few games. Just purposefully do things out of your normal routine.

4. Sleep in a different room if possible - Although maybe not as comfortable, why not try the guest room or make a cozy pallet on the living room floor by the fireplace? Just changing scenery from your normal sleeping location to another locale in your home can add a different feel to your 'getaway'.

5. Try some at home spa treatments - Who doesn’t like a good foot or back rub? Pampering yourself and your significant other is always a welcomed change. This would be a great time to try some new essential oils, or how about a bubble bath or facial masks? Yes and even men can enjoy some home spa treatments and TLC every now and then.

6. Focus on each other -Instead of working on the normal household projects or breaking away from each other into your normal, separate hobbies, spend all of your time together during your getaway. Try out a new game, sit outside and enjoy some great conversation or give a new recipe a whirl. You would be surprised that you might cook up a whole lot more than just delicious food together.

Overall it’s simple. Spend quality time together outside of the normal routine. Although your environment won’t change, the activities and atmosphere (both physically and relationally) will. Get going (or staying), your special weekend awaits!

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