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Plague Rat Diary Project-Let your Asylum Story be Heard!

As promised, this article will provide you, hopefully, with a clear and concise explanation of just what the ultimate goal of this project will be, and just what type of submission this Examiner page is searching for to include in this book.

This is a picture of one of the hypothetical rats that inhabit the "Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls"

First off, this book will remain entirely free, until Emilie Autumn has given explicit permission for it to be self-published, and for the proceeds of this book to be given entirely to a animal welfare charity of her choice.

As of now, Emilie Autumn has remained silent about this project, so your trustworthy Emilie Autumn Examiner writer will proceed with this project. If at any time, Emilie Autumn expresses any wish for this project to be cancelled, then it will be cancelled, to abide by any requests. So, this project is very much tentative and pending, and it entirely based upon whether or not Emilie Autumn, in the end, deems it to be an appropriate, worthwhile, and above all, legal project.

Now, we can finally begin with the more exciting portion of this article, detailing the main objective behind this project and how to submit your artwork, poetry, or imaginative diary entries.

When this Examiner writer first saw Emilie Autumn in concert, her speech at the end of the show- posted above for your convenience- inspired the idea of crafting our imaginative place in Emilie Autumn's seemingly imaginative, parallel dimension of the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

While concerts and vicariously experiencing the story through the reading of her book offers an indirect encounter with the asylum, this Examiner writer thought that a more tangible project might offer a much more real experience of the world Emilie Autumn has invited all of us to cathartically engage within, and learn something more about ourselves throughout the process.

In Emilie Autumn's imaginative dimension of the asylum, there are plague rats-tiny, vigilant observers of the events that transpire in the asylum- inhabiting this alternative reality, and some of them have story. But, the majority of them, tragically, have not been given a voice, and as such, they have become silence and anonymous much like the way lab rats are bereft of any crucial identity.

It is our task, as such, to give each of these rats their own distinctive voice, their own foibles. That is why this examiner writer is asking all of you, fine Plague Rats, to join this plague rat in the collaborative project of creating the tentatively titled Plague Rat Diaries.

This volume will be comprised of poems, poetry, and diary entries depicting a scene from the asylum, from the eyes of your own self-created Plague Rat character. So, you are essentially imaginatively creating your own Plague rat character, embodying them with certain character traits, and creating any number of artwork, diary entries, etc. (anything that can be physically bound in a book) to tell their tale, in a sense.

In the end, this book will be published, and all proceeds will, hopefully, go to a charity of Emilie Autumn's choice. Let us hope that she will hopefully offer her own response to this pending project, as it will hopefully offer all of us a chance to directly engage in her world in an all new way.

If you have any suggestion, questions, grievances, you may email this examiner writer at narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com, using the subject line "Plague Rat Diary Project," or leave a comment below.

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