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Places to take your dogs in Macon.

Macon Dog Park.
Macon Dog Park.
Picture (c) Erika Wisan

Exercising is an important part in the care of dogs. Be sure to follow the rules at each place you plan to take your dog, and the experience will always be enjoyable.

Recreational Parks:

Macon Dog Park

The Macon Dog Park is fenced into two sections, large dog pen and small dog pen. For the human’s enjoyment there is plenty of seating, including a gazebo. For the canine’s enjoyment there is plenty of off-leash running area including a stream. The stream goes through the large dog pen from one end to the other end. There are water fountains, disposable bags for the dog’s “messes”, trash cans, and restrooms available. Normally, there are small swimming pools in the small pen for the little dogs to cool off in. The entrances to both pens are double gated so dogs cannot escape. There is a bulletin board located in the larger pen for posting dog related subjects such as an upcoming event or lost dog. Please be sure to read and follow the “Rules” that are posted outside of the gate before you walk in.

Lake Tobesofkee

Lake Tobesofkee is a personal favorite for me to take my dogs to. There are plenty of areas to walk your dog and even allow your dog to swim in certain areas. The dogs are not allowed to swim in the designated swimming area, but there is an area at the far end of the designated area that is unmarked and you can allow your dogs to swim there. The shoreline of the undesignated area is the same as the designated area. When taking your dog here, be sure that your dog is leashed. It is dangerous to allow your dog off-leash. There are boaters, other people, and natural wildlife to consider when coming here. There is a small fee entering the Lake. Daily admission is $3 per person; children 6 and under get in free.

Ocmulgee National Monument

Ocmulgee National Monument is great for dogs and owners that love to exercise. There are many trails, some even venturing into a “wetlands environment”. There are boardwalks, hiking trails, and the main trail which leads from the service building to the Large Mound including a high bridge going over train tracks. Your dog must remain leashed. There are no fees at this park, but in the main service building is a gift shop and restrooms.

Central City Park, South Macon Park, Tatnall Square Park, and West Macon Park are the community parks in Macon that your dog can go with you to enjoy. Please leash them before going.


Please do not bring your dog into any of these places if they are not behaved. This can cause problems for you as well as other shoppers and the business.


Petsmart is a place all pets can visit. This chain pet store allows all types of animals to come in and enjoy while the pet owner shops for new pet supplies.

Ace Hardware

If you need to take a trip to the hardware store, maybe you can allow your pooch to come along. There is a small section for pets in this store. I have taken my own dogs in here several times.

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is a huge store with retail clothing, hunting supplies, fishing supplies and much more. The pet section in this store is mainly for hunting dogs and I have found some useful things here that are not for hunting.

Tractor Supply

Tractor supply has a huge pet section in this store with high quality dog foods you will not find in pet stores. The staff here is always welcoming dogs with a dog treat at the front door and love to see dogs come in.

*other stores include the shops I have listed in “Macon Dog Grooming Shops”


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