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Places to meet a twenty-someone in Anaheim

   Photo by Puja

 Ever feel like you are looking in all the wrong places for a significant other? Guess what, you most likely are.

Believe it or not, Anaheim is full of places to meet people in your twenties. Most likely, your problem is that you are hanging out at a dive bar that peeks at 9 p.m. full of old folks or you're never leaving the couch. I know Grey’s Anatomy just got really good but trust me, the pizza guy is not going to be sweep you off your feet. Set your TiVo and get outside. 
For those who appreciate music, House of Blues Anaheim is awesome. Just watch out for nights that have headlining bands with a 16 and under fan base. You are bound to run into extremely tight jeans on boys and way too much guy-liner; as well as an indicator that you might want reassess your music choice. Chain Reaction is decent, except they don't serve alcohol; making your impaired judgment by the end of the night not so impaired. Red Bull will only make you shake so save your money. 
For the athletic type: any 24 hour fitness or LA Fitness. Just not parks: it’s Orange County, people would dare not sweat in public. Chances are, if you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle so do other people that work out at the gym. So this is the one time I do say—if you’re looking for a someone to share more than a one night stand with—to leave your walk man and AC/DC world tour tee shirt at home. 
If you’re into sports, get tickets to a Ducks game or an Angels game. Trust me; there will be plenty of single, belligerent, rowdy, boob loving men. By the third period, they will be thrusting themselves at you; especially if their team is losing. Want to pregame before the game and maybe meet someone? Try out Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill. You can park your car here for free as well as drink and receive free shuttle service to and from the game; did I mention it’s free? So drink away and make mistakes! You have plenty of time to sober up. 
For the intellectual type: Borders (or possibly McClain's Coffee House in Fullerton; I know it’s not Anaheim but it’s open until 2 a.m.). What is great about Borders is you can go in here, overdose on free WiFi, read as much as you want at no cost, listen to soft folksy and jazzy tunes and probably smuggle in snacks and your own coffee. If you get off on this sort of activity, then chances are there are other people sharing this same love and possibly hanging out at Borders on Friday night too.
If you just like to hang out and have a few drinks with some friends, check out Bar Louie. On Wednesday night’s there is a five dollar bucket of beer night which is great for people who are on a budget or for a table of guys wanting to lure in the opposite sex for a low price. 
Into dancing? Anaheim is not really known for its dance clubs, but there is Heat Ultra Lounge. The small but swanky and dark club is perfect for dressing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and dancing until closing time. 
Nothing says love like taking Fido for a walk. Take your dog to a park on Saturday or Sunday. The park is bustling with joggers, and well, homeless people, but who is to say that special someone doesn’t have that same idea? You two can frolic with your pet scooper's hand in hand. Try out the Oak Canyon Nature Center or Yorba Regional Park. Just keep your pooch away from pinata’s or stray barbecue goodies. 
It’s easy to find someone but it’s hard to grasp the logic of where to look. A cowboy won’t find a square dancing partner at a hip hop club; he will however, find his lady line dancing at the cracker barrel. 

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