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Places in Denver for Seniors to Have Fun and Tips for Staying Healthy

Places in Denver for Seniors to Have Fun and Tips for Staying Healthy
Places in Denver for Seniors to Have Fun and Tips for Staying Healthy
Casa Bonita

We're all bitten by the party bug this time of year, when the nights are longer and air is fresh and warm. We're all being tempted to stay out late, spend time with great friends and maybe even get into a little trouble! By all means should you plan for some night out with your friends. Studies show that socializing, kicking back, having some laughs and a good time will boost your immunity, as well as keep your brain sharp.

Here we will talk about places in Denver that are senior friendly – places where you won't need to hear any crazy music or deal with any nonsense. Places that serve great food and have an atmosphere where you can relax and get out on the dance floor. If you're new to the area, this can be a guide for your nights out with your friends or with that special someone.

Even on some of your nights out, you will still need to keep a few things in mind to stay safe and healthy:

Don't go overboard on alcohol, and don't drink any if you're not supposed to, because of a medical condition, or your medication that you take. If you want to drink and you safely can, go for red wines which have the most health benefits, or a nice dark imported beer. Leave the liquor shots to the younger people, but let them know you won't be babysitting them later! Remember to pace yourself so you can have fun and not feel sick later.

When ordering food, opt for fresh foods with lean protein (grilled chicken or cold water fish) and meals that incorporate fresh dark green and colorful veggies. Try to stay away from heavy pastas and fried foods, which are hard on the intestinal tract and generally unhealthy and full of unhealthy fats.

Get up and dance! Dance for a song that you love with your friends, and you'll enjoy physical as well as mental health benefits. You'll get your blood pumping and have plenty of fun in the process, which releases stress relieving chemicals into your brain.

Here are some great fun places to go on your night out:

Casa Bonita – This place is always interesting. Expect the unexpected! Located in Lakewood, this is a Mexican restaurant that provides oddball entertainment, like the divers jumping off of a 30 foot waterfall, as well as a mariachi band serenade.

Olivéa – Go here for some interesting food and drinks that you won't find anywhere else. This place is classy as well as unique, and a must stop if you are visiting Denver.

Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge – This isn't too expensive and has a wonderful laid back atmosphere. You'll hear all kinds of music, old and new, and you won't experience anything jarring to the senses unless you actively seek it out!

Grizzly Rose – The perfect club to visit if you love country music and the whole country style. You won't want to miss out on this unique dance floor.

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