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Place your bid to win a walk-on role on 'True Blood'

HBO's 'True Blood'
HBO's 'True Blood'

Ever wondered what it is like on the set of True Blood? Well, now is your chance to find out...if you don't mind paying up! Alan Ball and Peter Macdissi are holding the auction on and proceeds will benefit Serenity Park Sanctuary.

The Serenity Park Sanctuary website describes: Located within a 20 acre garden on the grounds of the VA Hospital in West Los Angeles an interesting interaction between parrots and veterans is taking place. Here the returning heroes (veterans) get a chance to step outside the brick and mortar of the VA hospital and work with these feathered therapists. We depend on private donations to support our program because we receive no governmental funds at all. Your support of our nation’s heroes is something we would be extremely thankful for as we always have both veterans and parrots in need. As our program at the Veterans Hospital in West Los Angeles expands we will better assist these veterans in reintegrating back into the community and the workforce. As you know, we do this through our work therapy program involving the use of parrots to help with our veterans’ rehabilitation – many of these vets (due to physical and psychological impairments) need a serene place to work in preparation for returning to full time employment.

The terms state that this walk-on role is a nonspeaking role. The award is valid for one person, however the winner may bring a guest to the set. The winner must be 18 or older. Availability is based on our production schedule. The show films in LA. We cannot guarantee the scene in which you participate or your performance in that scene will make the final cut and be aired. While on the set, please follow any rules or guidelines communicated to you by our production staff. This is valid until the end of June 2011.

Good luck to the highest bidder! Click here to place a bid.