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Pizza restaurants ready for Super Bowl 2014

Pizza restaurants ready for Super Bowl 2014
Pizza restaurants ready for Super Bowl 2014
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Pizza restaurants are ready for Super Bowl 2014, which according to KTBC Fox 7 News, is the busiest day of the year. It is not only the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks who have been prepping for weeks. Great pizza and wings take practice to reach perfection.

“We've been preparing for over a month, hiring and staffing our stores just for this one day. We want to have awesome service, so we've hired drivers, people who answer the phone, cooks, people who cut,”says Chrystal Banz, Pizza Hut general manager. Pizza Hut plans to sell over 2 million pizzas nationwide this Super Bowl Sunday.

According to KEZI 9 ABC News, local restaurants are preparing for a busy Super Bowl Sunday. In Oregon, for example, Papa’s Pizza said it’ll have a full staff Sunday and is making extra dough to in preparation for the frenzy expected to take place in just a few hours.

“It’s a big day for us. It’s kind of like a holiday or a big duck game. We’ll be doing a lot more prep basically, a lot more for our ingredients, a lot more dough today. Mixing dough today to roll out for tomorrow,” said Papa’s Pizza manager Brandon Moniz.

The secret to a seamless pizza order is to order ahead of time. “We might see some orders Saturday. Normally what happens is we get a lot of future orders. So people will start early Sunday. They could order even before we get here, maybe 6:00 in the morning,” according to Pizza Hut’s Banz.

So what favorite food will Super Bowl 2014 watchers chow down on the most today? Chicken wings! More than a billion are expected to be eaten nationwide during the Broncos – Seahawks showdown. When it comes to pizza, pepperoni pizza wins the selection.

Delivery schedules are crazy on Super Bowl Sunday. A 2012 National Restaurant Association survey showed that 48 million Americans expected to order delivery on game day. Of that amount, about 63 percent are expected to order wings, KTBC Fox 7 News reports.