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Pizza Hut manager spits in cops food, gets arrested

A Pizza Hut manager spit in a cop's food and ended up getting arrested. It all happened at a Pizza Hut in Erwin, Tennessee. The deputy went into the fast food location to order a meal but what he witnessed while inside the store was not only gross but completely unacceptable.

Frank Rogers was off-duty when he visited the local Pizza Hut. Rogers knew the manager at the store because he arrested her in 2013 for DUI. While sitting on a bench waiting for his pizza, Rogers knew that the manager saw him so he kept a close eye on her. Evidently, he saw her spit on his pizza while she was slicing it. Ironically (or not) it had been one week since the manager was in court for her DUI charge.

The store manager was arrested and charged with "disorderly conduct." Evidently she thought no one would see her spit in the pizza... and that may have been her revenge plan... but now she's 0-2.

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