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Pizza Hut employee fired for urinating in kitchen sink (Video)

A Pizza Hut employee in Kermit, West Virginia, was fired for urinating in the restaurant’s kitchen sink. One might think that the manager of this restaurant in the popular pizza chain was in a hurry to get his after-store-closing duties done – and therefore didn’t take the time to walk to the restroom when he needed to relieve himself. The Pizza Hut employee dropped his computer work a couple of times to walk over to the metal kitchen sink in the restaurant and unzip, according to a New York Daily News report on Thursday.

Unidentified Pizza Hut employee urinates in restaurant's kitchen sink
YouTube screenshot

As happens when such things are caught on video, the video of the Pizza Hut employee urinating in the kitchen has gone viral. The establishment’s security camera caught the man in the act.

The Pizza Hut corporate responded to the video by saying that it was embarrassed by the actions of this individual. Additionally, they were quick to fire the man who reportedly managed five other West Virginia Pizza Huts as well.

The video shows the manager walking in the kitchen from a computer to a metal sink and urinating – then turning on the water faucet to flush his nastiness down the drain. The video was dated January 29, 2014.

Following the revelation of the manager’s actions, local health officials shut the restaurant down. The restaurant will be reopened after a thorough cleaning.

In Pizza Hut’s statement regarding the incident, it said that they apologize to their customers of Kermit, West Virginia, and those in their system who have been let down by this situation.

Online social media tags to the story include - but are not limited to - "peezza."

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