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Pizza Hut Boycott: Corporate acts in favor of manager after Thanksgiving ordeal

People were not happy to find a Pizza Hut manager in Elkhart, Ind. out of a job after refusing to open the store on Thanksgiving Day. The story went viral over social media and news stations upsetting many customers of the store across the nation. Folks banned together on Facebook and other media outlets to boycott the Pizza Hut franchise. The company took notice and the fired manager was offered his job back.

Tony Rohr worked at the Elkhart store for over 10 years but after deciding to allow his employees the day off for the holiday he was told the store would open for the holiday. During a meeting with his boss he was told to write a letter of resignation for refusing to open on Thanksgiving Day. Instead he wrote a letter telling the company he believed they should care more about its employees.

He hoped that Pizza Hut would be the store that took a stand and show it cares about employees enough to give the day off. "Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two days that they're closed in the whole year, and they're the only two days that those people are guaranteed to have off and spend it with their families," he said.

After Pizza Hut’s corporate office found out about the incident they issued a statement the day before Thanksgiving saying it respects an employee’s right to not work on the holiday and that the store owner agrees to reinstate Rohr.

"This was clearly an unfortunate situation, and we are very upset by what has transpired in Elkhart," the company statement said. "While the choice as to whether a restaurant should be open or closed on a holiday is handled at the local level by our independent franchisees, we feel strongly that this situation could have been avoided."

Rohr hasn't accepted reinstatement of job yet, “That’s something I can’t decide right away.” Likewise, there has been no reprimand for the local store owner. People across the United States have issued a boycott for Pizza Hut so clearly the Elkhart store has affected many franchises across the nation.

Many folks are sounding off on Pizza Hut's Facebook page. Would you take your job back if you were fired for this reason?

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