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Pizza DOC: Brick oven pizza in Lincoln Square, Chicago

Pizza DOC
Pizza DOC
Pizza Doc

Because brick oven pizza is a favorite of mine and Lincoln Square is one of my favorite neighborhoods, I thought Pizza DOC in Lincoln Square would be an optimal pizzeria to visit. Pizza DOC claims to be "Chicago's Original Brick Fired Oven Pizzeria," and I've read good things about it.

The restaurant is cute and was crowded with young families, couples, and wine-guzzling groups. The staff is informative and polite. I ordered the Margherita pizza, and my companion ordered a sausage and mushroom pizza. Fresh bread was brought out, and the pizza was served promptly. We dug into the pizza and kept waiting for the "wow" moment to happen. It never did. It was just a decent-tasting pizza served in a pleasant restaurant with a nice ambiance. The only noteworthy ingredient of both pizzas was the sausage. It was fragrant, spicy, and had a great aftertaste.

Time Out Chicago, which I often agree with, gave Pizza DOC a much better review. What do you think of Pizza DOC?