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Pizza & Beer in L.A.: A Fresh New Style and a New and Improved Brew

Every sports fan knows that there are two musts for every game: pizza and beer. Here’s the first pair of reviews to help local Angelenos find the absolute best of each.

Pizza of Choice: Fresh Brothers, Marina Del Rey

Hailing from Chicago, Fresh Brothers is a family affair bringing two unique styles of pizza to Los Angeles. They serve up two kinds of pie; the thin New York-style pizza, square cut and cooked to perfection, and the Chicago deep dish. Where most thin-crust pizzas fall short, Fresh Brothers’ NY crust is crisp enough to pick up with one hand, but thick enough to enjoy. The deep dish is even better, with an almost-chewy crust that truly conveys the direct-from-the-oven taste.

Using fresh ingredients and even sporting a gluten-free option, Fresh Brothers has a wide selection of pizza options, as well as the best wings you will find in Southern California. Baking their wings makes all the difference in taste, and the combinations from Boneless to Garlic BBQ to the Classic Hot Sauce guarantee you’ll find a wing that’s just right for any fan. Where most pizzerias seem to master just one aspect of a pizza, Fresh Brothers gets it right from crust to toppings. A little pricey but the wings, salads and of course, the pizza, are worth every cent.

4722 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6905

Beer of Choice: Blue Moon Grand Cru

Fans of the orange slice adorned brew will find none is necessary with Blue Moon Brewing Company’s limited release, Grand Cru. Boasting a higher percentage of alcohol and strong citrus hints, Grand Cru is a great choice for those who like to savor a lighter beer with a stronger taste.

Obtaining its name from Belgium’s tradition of brewing a “Grand Cru” beer on special occasions, Blue Moon has prepared what seems like an improved version of their standard White Ale. The taste is stronger, sweeter, and certainly more enjoyable.

Grand Cru should be served in a glass, and not just because of the larger bottle. The aroma plays an important role in the first sip. The first taste comes across as only slightly bitter, but the orange undertones come on quickly, and the beer finishes smooth from there on out. While the beer is certainly a bit sweeter than your average ale, fans of Blue Moon will find this one a Grand choice.


  • S.J. 5 years ago

    Best pizza we've had in So Cal. The pan pizza is amazing.

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