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Pixar announces INCREDIBLES 2!

Pixar announces Incredibles Sequel
Pixar announces Incredibles Sequel
Pixar, Disney

Nearly a decade after Pixar (the studio that tells stories better than anyone else in Hollywood) gave us a better re-imagining of Fantastic 4 than Fox could do in three movies, a sequel has been given the green light.

Earlier this week, director Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) confirmed that a sequel will happen. As recently as last year, Bird said he would not sign on to an Incredibles sequel unless the right story was attached. No story details have been released yet, but considering Pixar's traditionally high standards, I imagine it will be worthwhile.

The 2004 film followed the adventures of Bob and Helen Parr, two former super heroes (known in costume as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl) forced into retirement. Resigned to their civilian domestic lifestyle, the Parr's attempt to get by and raise their family, living the dull life of suburbia while resisting the temptation to use their super powers and thwart evil. The Incredibles draws a lot of inspiration from the Marvel universe (which Disney, Pixar's main distributor, has since acquired) with a touch of Alan Moore's The Watchmen and a spoonful of Ayn Rand philosophy for good measure (Helen: "Everyone's special, Dash." Dash: "Which is another way of saying 'no one is.'").

Sequels are tough, even from Pixar. While Cars 2 and *Monsters University were not as lovingly embraced as their predecessors, Toy Story 3 managed to out gross all other animated films at the time AND get nominated for Best Picture (not Animated Feature, but BEST PICTURE). The only other "Part 3's" to do that have been Godfather 3 and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It also convinced me to give my old Legos to my nephews, but that's another story. Perhaps Incredibles 2 will match of surpass it's parent feature. I, for one, am seriously looking forward to it.

*Before you say it, I am aware that Monsters University is a prequel. My observation still applies.