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Pixar adds its original voice to the "It Gets Better" project

Pixar contributes to "It Gets Better"
Pixar contributes to "It Gets Better"

Pixar, the animation firm that proudly boasts the creation of hit movies including the Toy Story trilogy, Up and Monsters Inc., created their own contribution for the "It Gets Better" YouTube campaign, in support of LGBT and questioning youth.

Gay Pixar employees share their touching and heroic stories of growing up gay and how they found their own personal light, in a beautiful tribute made for the 'It Gets Better' campaign, the project created by columnist Dan Savage in response to the recent and tragic barrage of suicides by LGBT youth.

Watch the video submission at left. Their personal stories pay homage to LGBT and questioning youth by proving that life itself does get better, that there is nothing wrong with anyone born gay, and that a beautiful and joyous life awaits them just on the other side.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Take good care of each other, and yourself.