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Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu still Head & Shoulders' "mane man"

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has spent the past four years showing off his lovely locks on television spots with Proctor & Gamble's Head & Shoulders brand shampoos and conditioners. Celebrating the fifth year of the partnership, Head and Shoulders has once again chosen to feature the prominent professional football player in special television commercials and online videos.

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu begins fifth year with Head & Shoulders sponsorship
Proctor & Gamble

Head & Shoulders is literally going under Polamalu's helmet in 2013 in order to showcase their product and determine if it is "Troy Tested & Approved." The videos will feature hair-related torture tests featuring Polamalu versus Steelers opponents and offer fans an inside view of the "battles" Polamalu's hair goes through during the 2013 NFL Season.

"This new campaign is absolutely hilarious," said lifetime Steelers fan James Peters when he previewed the 'Clean Box' video. "What is apparent is that Troy Polamalu not only has a great sense of humor, but is willing to step outside of his football comfort zone."

Proctor & Gamble didn't have to gamble much on the fact that using one of the most successful defensive backs in the NFL and most-recognized players, not only on the Steelers roster, but around the entire league, would boost their image. Integrating a new product specifically aimed towards males, Polamalu may not have to hear the comments about how unmanly promoting shampoo can appear. Even if he were to hear it, he would most likely take it with a grain of salt and flash one of his light-up-the-room grins.

In 2010, Polamalu did a spot with Head & Shoulders that went behind the scenes of what the process is in making these videos and promotions. "I feel very blessed," Polamalu said, calling Head & Shoulders "an iconic brand." One of the things that Polamalu liked was that fan interaction was involved through the "Polamalooza" event on While that event is not a feature of the 2013 campaign, Head & Shoulders have stepped up the humor and flair for the dramatic.

Steelers fans have enjoyed seeing other players during the five years that Polamalu has acted as a spokesperson for Head & Shoulders. Some other Steelers players that have been in videos with Troy or about Head & Shoulders are Brett 'Da Beard' Keisel and Hines Ward. Polamalu even sent a message to Mike Golic in 2010, which was a form of irony when Mike Golic, Jr., was on the Steelers' roster and then released in 2013 as the team made their cuts for the final 53-man roster. Golic, Jr. was involved in his own commercial campaign with Gillette. Keisel has even been given the opportunity to have his own spots in the deal between Polamalu and Head & Shoulders, focusing on luxurious facial hair.

Two final product videos that are available to watch online are:

You can view the extended version of the Head & Shoulders commercial, "Troy's Hair Preview", here with this article (see the video). You can also go to Head & Shoulders' YouTube channel to view previous advertising (video) campaigns involving Polamalu and Steelers players.

Note: Links in this article may take you to a Head & Shoulders promo that involves Troy Polamalu or another Steelers player. Check them out. The author does not promote or endorse any products, including ones that could be included in her articles.

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