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Pittsburgh guy on a budget: A.J.

A.J.'s dream purchase is an Omega Seamaster watch.
Courtesy of AJ J.

Pittsburgh guys have style and they do it on a budget! Whether they are still living in the city or bringing their style to another place, Pittsburgh guys know how to bargain hunt and look fabulous! A.J., a 29 year-old political contractor from Oakmont talks about his style, his best bargain, and that dream purchase!

What is one word to describe your style?

I would have to go with "Yinzer-casual" when I am not working. When I am working I lean more towards the Barney Stenson mentality of "suit up".

What are your wardrobe staples?

I think any guy reading this would say underwear, but that's just how guys think. I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of man.

What is one piece of fashion you could never pull off?

Skinny ties never look good on us "not so skinny" guys. Also, what's the deal with Manpris? It seems to me that is one of the top ten Man Rules: "Thou shalt not wear capris, no matter what you call them." I believe it is followed by "A European Handbag is still a purse, PUT IT DOWN."

What is your favorite clothing season (fall, winter, spring, summer)?

Most definitely Pittsburgh Pirates Season. There are 162 days where you can find me wearing a Buccos T-shirt

What stores do you regularly shop in?

Well first, let me clarify that I do not "regularly shop". It is like shaving and getting a haircut, most men only do it when we HAVE to. For suits and ties I like Banana Republic, only when I can get a discount. For non-work clothing I like H&M. Who doesn't like $5 V-neck Tees?

What was the best deal you ever found?

A girlfriend working at Banana Republic.

If you were given $1000 and could splurge on one item of clothing/shoes/purses/jewelry, what would you buy?

I would probably wait until this question was asked another 6 and a half more times, giving me the sum of $7500 at which time I would purchase an Omega Seamaster watch commonly worn by James Bond...

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