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Pitman High School: Teen's Michael Jackson routine crushes it at talent show

High school talent competitions will often have students singing or playing the piano or showing their acrobatic routine and even sometimes dancing. These kinds of events are good ways of seeing what hidden skills the young teenagers may possess. That certainly doesn't mean anyone was ready for the incredible Michael Jackson routine that happened at the Pitman High School talent show and was put online by them on May 21, 2014.

Some talent winners are obvious from the start.
YouTube - PDA - Pitman Daily Announcements

Make sure to check out the video and skip ahead to the 1:10 mark and you'll be able to see mastery at work in a "Billie Jean" routine for the ages.

The young boy, as yet unnamed, is dressed perfectly for the part and then just begins moving slowly to the beat. He then lip syncs the classic song and dances the part as if he was taught by the "King of Pop" himself before he passed away.

You'll be able to notice the youth in the California high school crowd as they are rather quiet for the first minute or so, and then really begin getting into it once the chorus hits.

If you watch the first minute of the video, you'll see some students playing instruments, others dancing in groups, and one even doing a great routine with a hula hoop. All of those routines had a good chance of winning any high school talent show and they showed some true skills.

None of that really mattered though because the teen boy performing the Michael Jackson routine trumped all.

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