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Pitiful, neglected dog discovered in North Carolina

A Shelter Friend

Update: On May 6, A Shelter Friend wrote:

Ginger is on her way to Charleston to begin a new life where she will be loved and valued and all her medical needs will be addressed! Bye sweet girl! We will miss you!

A blind, senior, mostly toothless Yorkshire terrier in Elizabethtown, N.C., narrowly escaped death at the hands of her former owner.

According to the rescue agency, A Shelter Friend, the dog, named "Ginger," belonged to an elderly woman who was physically unable to take the senior dog outside to go to the bathroom. In a completely flawed manner of thinking, the woman surmised that if she fed the little dog less, she would not need to go outside.

The sad result is a 12-year-old dog who is now emaciated, weighing in at a dismal three-and-a-half pounds. The situation deteriorated further when Ginger nearly lost her life after her owner slipped in a puddle of urine and another family member decided that the old dog should be put down.

A Shelter Friend is hoping to help Ginger, but they are struggling to come up with the funds necessary to help her. The rescue agency is reaching out for help - anyone who wishes to help Ginger can do so by calling the Elizabethtown Vet hospital 910-862-3000 to make a donation, or directly to the rescue agency's website here.

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