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For the love of Pets

Hero the golden retriever
Hero the golden retriever
Lynn Molnar

As a child, my pets were of paramount importance to me. I valued them as if they were my real family. Looking back, I see that I accepted the love of a pet and it was a buffer from the realities of the world in which I lived. I remember sharing ice cream cones with my dog, running along the beach getting all sandy and wet with my dog. The best part of the day was curling up in bed with my best friend, knowing he would watch over me at night and be there when I first opened my eyes in the morning. However, today many children don’t get to experience those magical moments. A child who doesn’t learn how to treat a pet, how to love a pet or how to receive the love of a pet, will be less likely to understand what unconditional love is all about. Many times, my dog, Hero and I are approached by children, some of them know how to pet a dog, while others have thrown rocks and sticks. Instead of yelling at the children, I try to teach them how to approach a dog, to pet him and how to respect a dog. I always find it peculiar that we ask of each other to be ‘humane’ but in reality it is asking us to be more pet like. We never see another dog attack another dog just for fun. An orange cat would never plot genocide on black cats. A dog would never put a cat in a microwave just to see what would happen. It is people that do these horrific things. It is people who were once children that lost their empathy for others.
Today’s children, and today’s society need empathy more than ever before. There is so much compassion that is lacking, too much respect is lost for our fellow man. Some children grow up having cyber-pets, a virtual reality dog or cat. No physical bond, no puppy breath, no kitten’s mew. In fact, if a child forgets to walk or feed the cyber dog there are no real implications. If the dog dies, they just re-boot and get another. No personal contact, no direct emotional connection. This is so sad! We can be an impetus for changing that! We can love! We can show love every day! Show love by being kind to pets! Show love by volunteering at a pet rescue or charity. Show love to children by teaching them to respect pets. Show love by caring for your pet.