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Pitbulls: Bad Rep or Bad Breed

I know this is a very strong and very touchy subject for most people. A lot of people have it set in their heads that pit bulls are a bad breed. I will admit that yes, pit bulls are being over bred (mostly by backyard breeders) and I can admit that pit bulls can be dangerous but it is based on how you raise them. Pit bulls were not originally bred to be fighting dogs. That is how they have been made to be.

Pit bulls are friendly if given the chance. They are good tempered dogs and they just get a bad reputation because of what a lot of people have seen and heard. I have seen a lot of families with children adopt pit bulls and they are just fine. There is nothing wrong with the breed. They are completely misunderstood and need more people to stand up for them and speak out against the haters and the people who don't do research on the breed. It just depends on how the dog itself is raised and the type of family that raises it. A chihuahua or a labrador retriever. have just as much a chance of attacking someone as a pit bull does.

I am not saying it would be best to adopt a pit bull because a lot of places will not allow the breed. I do however feel that they deserve a chance just like any other breed. I normally suggest shelter pets because they have life the hardest but if you are going to adopt a breeder, help someone out who is in danger of losing their home because of breed restrictions. Pets get scared easily and having been in a shelter may not give you the best experience with a breed you are currently unsure about.

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