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Pitbull responds to Kanye West's disrespect at VMAs (video)

Pitbull reacts to Kanye West rant at VMAs

Pitbull responds to Kanye West's disrespect at VMAs (video)

Miami's own Mr. 305, Pitbull, was not afraid to share his disgust over Kanye West's ridiculous rant at the MTV VMA's last night. After the VMA's Pitbull was asked what he thought about Kanye and he said "Kanye is a "f***ing disrespectful motherf**ker"

The paparazzi asked Pitbull what would happen if Kanye did that to him. Pitbull said
"I come from a neighborhood they say don't talk about it be about it"

If you don't believe Pitbull is tough, just watch the video below to see what happen when you upset Pitbull.

If only Kanye West had the nerve to try disrespecting Pitbull, he would see how the Miami boys play. Picking on a 19 year old girl is easy, picking on someone who would kick your butt is another story.