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Pit bulls killed by officers after mauling young girl

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Terrifying pit bull attack on an innocent six year old girl, June 4 in Westwood, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. WCPO reports two neighborhood pit bulls got loose and viciously attacked Zainabou Drame as she played outside her home with her brother, their mother inside. Horrified onlookers not able to help the child during the senseless mauling. When officers arrived the dogs turned on them. Officers fired four shots, killing both dogs at 2973 Aquadale Lane, as discovered, the dogs then retreating to their front yard where they died.

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According Fox19, officers rushed the girl to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, where she was immediately taken into surgery, as severe facial trauma and excessive bleeding very evident. The victim is now in critical, but stable condition. Because of the severity of the attack, Cincinnati Police homicide detectives are now investigating the case. Lt. Tim Brown, the night chief, told this morning, police were "cautiously optimistic" the child would survive.

Neighbors were shocked, forced to observe the attack without being able to offer any help to the young girl. WLWT spoke with neighbor, Terrie Martin, who said,

"They were mauling that baby. I mean, both of them were, it was real sad."

Martin, surprised the dogs became violent, told WCPO, "I came out the door, and heard someone screaming first and I came out and seen two of the pit bulls, and they wouldn't get off of her."

It is unclear at this time whether owners of the two dogs will face charges in the case. WCPO learned a third dog, belonging to the same owners of the two attacking pit bulls, was seized by the SPCA, who arrived on-scene around 7 pm.

Cincinnati had previously banned pit bulls from living within the city limits. Fox19 reported in May of 2012 that ban had been lifted, one again allowing pit bulls to reside within Cincinnati's city limits. A rally of more than 100 people attended the Cincinnati Pit Crew (CPC) event, celebrating lift of the pit bull ban. CPC 's goal is to "create an accepting and compassionate culture in which abused, unwanted and stigmatized dogs such as bully breed mixes, reside and thrive in well informed, responsible, loving homes and communities.." Katy Blanton of CPC, said at the rally,

"I think people have a misconception that they're scary and they're angry all the time and they're just looking to bite people which is not the case at all."

Others at the event were clearly against the 2012 lifting of the ban on pit bulls. Cincinnati City Council member, Cecil Thomas said, "These dogs have been literally biting people, attacking people, its just that simple, and they act on fear. If a child sees one standing out there and the dog senses the fear, the dog's going to attack."

Update (Friday, June 13, 2014): Local12 reported pit bull owners, Zontae Irby, and his mother, Volores White, were indicted on trafficking and possession of marijuana, Irby was also charged for receiving stolen property involving a gun. White was charged with permitting drug abuse. Drame, the six-year-old that was attacked, remains in a medically induced coma.