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Pit Bulls and shelters

Pit Bull
Pit Bull

Ask just about anyone who manages an animal shelter and they will tell you the same thing; Pit Bulls are difficult to find homes for and, as a result, their kennels are full of them, more than all other breeds combined.

The breed's reputation notwithstanding, the reasons for the high numbers of Pit Bulls in shelters are many. Breed Specific Legislation, breed restrictions on rental properties, irresponsible ownership, over breeding etc. etc...

Females have a high reproductive rate with 10 to 12 puppies being a typical litter size. Dog owners who live in rental housing often abandon the animals when their landlords have rules against threatening breeds.

The most associated negative with Pit Bulls is dog fighting. A largely prevalent reason for the high number of Pit Bulls in shelters. When dogs are rescued from a fighting operation, most of them aren't even considered for rehabilitation and adoption because of their fighting history.

Still, with proper training and care, they make wonderful companion animals.

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