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Pit bull sleeping at high kill shelter dreams of being rescued

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For a few peaceful moments in kennel 65, when the dogs aren't barking, the staff isn't cleaning or feeding, and the lights are dim, Drake curls up and dreams of a new day when he will be rescued.

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At the San Bernardino City Animal Control this three-year-old pit bull terrier has overstayed his welcome; no one has come to adopt Drake.

Of course, one strike against him is his general breed. Labeling a dog with a big head, a broad chest and a stocky, well-muscled body a pit bull, shoves any dog to the back of the rescue line. Then there's the label on his description which says, "aggressive."

A volunteer, however disagrees after having spent time with Drake:

"Well...He doesn't show ANY sign of aggression to me. But I tell you this, if people are NOT nice to me and if I am in a scary place, I would be aggressive too. What aggression are they were talking about? A dog that growled for fear? Now Drake is "Rescue Only" because of this label. I have a video of him where he shows to be the most perfect dog."

The video of Drake is included. Be sure to watch it and judge for yourself as Drake interacts with a volunteer and another dog is walked by and introduced to Drake.

The volunteer plans to evaluate Drake again this week, with hopes the shelter will delete the "aggressive" label and make this dog eligible for adoption to the general public.

Please share Drake's story with your family, friends, and coworkers. An approved rescue organization is preferred at this time.

For more information about Drake, please refer to #A460871. Click here for his PetHarbor information.

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