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Pit bull puppy and baby: Love at first sight for adorable Eisleigh and Clyde

Capture a glimpse of the beautiful 11-week-old Eisleigh Hodges and her four-legged 9-week old canine friend Clyde, curled up next to each other in utter adorableness. When My Fox8 News caught the brief video and aired it with some of the photos taken by Eisleigh's mom, Brandi, the images went viral giving the media a chance to repair the tarnished reputation of American Staffordshire terriers.

Instant friends -Clyde at nine weeks and Eisleigh at 11-weeks napping together.
Facebook/ Brandi Leigh Hodges

The term "Pit Bull" is not a breed of dogs, but a generic definition of dogs with similar traits and characteristics. The breeds are the American Pit Bull terrier, the American Starffordshire terrier and the Pit Bull mixes. All of these breeds are essentially affectionate dogs who crave human attention and love to cuddle.

Unfortunately the misconceptions of the breed have escalated with the egregious animal cruelty associated with dog fighting, animal neglect and abuse, poor training and an overuse of the term "pit bull" in media reports associating too many dogs of different breeds and misidentifying them as "pit bulls."

Brandi's Instagram is full of Eisleigh and Clyde moments, but the puppy's first encounter with the baby can't help but make the most stoic smile at the amazing connection between a puppy and a baby.

When interviewed about the close encounter of the infant and puppy, Brandi of Madison, North Carolina, stated that she and her fiance are both devout animal lovers and were determined to get a puppy as soon as the baby was born so the two would grow up together and have a special bond. No one knew the introduction would be so special:

"Clyde was connected to Eisleigh as soon as we picked him up. Surely he wasn’t aware what was happening to him. He climbed into Eisleigh’s car seat and snuggled with her the whole way home. It seemed very comforting to him. To both of them really… it was love at first sight, oddly enough!”

Watch as Clyde jumps into Eisleigh's little baby carrier.

And for all those news reporters who mistakenly use the term "pit bull" in so many outrageous headlines, feel free to use it again here.

Wishing Brandi Leigh Hodges many more beautiful photo ops of Eisleigh and Clyde.

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