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Pit Bull policies in Detroit may change after shelter euthanizes “Ace”

Ace sits where he was found in Detroit

Found as a stray outside of the Ace Hardware store in Detroit, Michigan, “Ace” was taken into the Detroit Animal Control where Pit Bulls are not adopted out to the public, nor are capable rescues allowed to pull them for rehabilitation and adoption.

Pit Bulls that find their way to the Detroit Animal Control face a one way door at entry unless an owner comes forward to claim them.

News of Ace spread like wildfire and sparked international attention. An outcry to save Ace began and a multitude of people expressed serious interest in adopting the stray Pit Bull. Attorney Corbett O’Meara was able to get a court-ordered injunction to save Ace’s life. The injunction ordered the city run animal control facility not to euthanize Ace. It was reported that the injunction was hand delivered.

In a statement presented by Detroit Animal Control, “The injunction issued by the Wayne County Court was not received by Detroit Animal Control or the City of Detroit. At the end of business today, the dog referred to as Ace was euthanized following expiration of the four day holding period and departmental policy”.

The miscommunication has led to sheer outrage and disappointment from the public and has sparked O’Meara to be the driving force behind a potential city policy change. As opposed to pursuing holding the shelter in contempt of court, O’Meara has gotten city officials to agree to potentially changing their policy on Pit Bulls that enter the shelter. "Now the policy will be if a qualified agency is willing to take responsibility for a pit bull, they will transfer the pit bull to the qualified agency”, says O’Meara.

Many counties across the nation already have a working relationship with local rescues to pull Pit Bulls from the shelters that are good adoption candidates. Those other counties are moving towards the possibility of adoption directly from their animal control facilities, whereas Detroit is just now looking at implementing an alternative to euthanizing every unclaimed Pit Bull. After the loss of Ace, some believe that it is time for Detroit to catch up.

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