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Pit bull owner gets rid of dogs, promises to pay bills for injured pet

WKRC-TV Local 12

A Colerain Township dog owner has gotten rid of three of his animals and promised to pay in full the bills incurred by a neighbor after his dogs attacked the dog.

Scappy, who is a boxer, was attacked by two pit bulls in February. The owner of the pit bulls says he isn't sure how the dogs got out of a secure yard. The whole attack was caught on camera.

Scappy suffered severe injuries to his leg, has been hospitalized twice, and incurred more than $1600 in medical bills so far.

The neighbor who owns the attacking dogs was cited by police for failing to confine his pets-there is no pit bull ban in Colerain Township. That man say he found new homes for three of his four canines, in an effort to make amends with Scrappy's family. He's also promised to pay the dogs medical bills once his income tax refund comes in.

Those bills are likely to run even higher. Scrappy's owner tells WKRC-TV has to go back to the hospital Monday. His vet wants to check his wounds, to make sure they're healing properly.