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Pit bull killed by Ardmore police officer: Witnesses and owner outraged

Cali, shot and killed by Ardmore police officer
Cali, shot and killed by Ardmore police officer
Facebook: Justice for Cali

UPDATED MARCH 24: New Justice for Cali page here.

A beautiful dog lost her life this week, and a Facebook page was set up on March 20 in her memory by owner Sarah JoEllen Brown.

Cali, a beautiful pit bull, escaped her fence March 19 in the 400 block of 15th Avenue in her Ardmore, Oklahoma neighborhood. Animal control was called to help get her back home. That's when Ardmore police officer Brice Woolly arrived at approximately 10:30 a.m.

Cali was in a vacant block two doors down from her home when officer Woolly allegedly walked to the lot to get a good look at her, walked back to his vehicle, and retrieved his shotgun.

Woolly then walked back to where Cali was waiting and shot her in the neck. About that time witnesses state that Wooly bragged to animal control, who had just arrived on scene, saying

"Did you see the way its collar flew off up into the air when I blew its head off? It was awesome!!"

Officer Wooly then took the shotgun back to his vehicle. At this time, witnesses say the animal control officer shot the already dead Cali in her rib cage. More of the conversation witnesses overheard can be found here.

Cali's owner walked down to where the tragedy occurred while carrying her 6-month-old child, fully prepared to pay a fine to get her dog back. When she asked if they had Cali, Officer Woolly told her the family dog was dead.

Witnesses allegedly overheard some disturbing remarks made between law enforcement and animal control. These statements will be filed with the Carter County District Attorney, Craig Ladd. Cali's owner has also filed a complaint against Officer Woolly. According to witnesses, statements such as

"We'll just write in the report that it tried to attack you and others in the neighborhood.”

Woolley was also overheard bragging about a dog he shot two days ago with his pistol.

But of course, witness here-say won't hold up in a court of law because police officers are always believed over private citizens. Woolly will be cleared of any wrongdoing, as all officers are, and the world will go on. It's sad the world has come to this, that so many family dogs have to die.

If the name Brice Woolley stirs up memories, Woolley was a former officer with the Tishomingo Police Department. Google "Brice Woolly killed unarmed man" and you'll learn this officer has a shady record as an officer of the law.

According to, Sgt. Brice Woolly, Ryan Hunnicutt, and Chief Kevin Norris are listed in a $400,000 police corruption lawsuit where another officer is currently suing the city of Ardmore

Cali's owner wants justice for her slain dog. Sarah JoEllen Brown stated on the Justice for Cali page

" I am aware about how people feel about pits but when they are raised as family pets, you couldn't ask for a better dog. This has to stop. The brushing under the rug and pretending nothing happened has to stop! If an officer can do this and get away with it, what else Is going on!?"

Now Sarah is left to grieve her murdered pet, a dog she describes as 'absolutely spoiled rotten and the best family dog you could ask for.'

Unfortunately, all a police officer has to do to be cleared by his department is to say he felt his life was in danger. Whether that's true or not holds no weight, as dogs owner is always blamed for the dog being shot.

A petition has been set up here asking for Justice for Cali.

No one wants to see an officer bitten by a dog who considers an officer a stranger. All we ask is that non-lethal methods to contain a dog be used. Why does the officer feel the need to draw his gun instead of a Taser or pepper spray.

While on a dog-at-large call, shouldn't an officer be prepared to deal with a dog?

This isn't the first time Ardmore has been involved in a dog shooting. This one made headlines in April 2012.

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Any witnesses to this tragedy, including the officer's on scene, are welcome to comment and give their account of what happened.

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