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Pit bull Herman who guarded his dead companion in viral photo in need of home

Herman is still at the Fulton County Animal Shelter and not doing well. Please someone - find it in your heart to help this terrified and very confused dog.
Michael Mason/ Facebook

The viral photo of a pit bull standing guard over his female companion in Atlanta, Georgia continues to arouse tons of sympathy and compassion for Herman, however the dog still remains at the Fulton County Animal Shelter and is in need of a home. On the organization's Facebook page, the shelter posted an update:

55 LBS

Many have seen the photo of this boy standing over his injured friend. He is very afraid here at the shelter and needs someone as loyal to him as he was to his friend in the street."

Michael Mason had been driving on Sylvan Road when he spotted the dog just standing over his downed companion who had been hit by a car. Sadly, the other dog did not survive, but after Mason took the photo, Herman's obvious devotion to his mate went viral through the world of social media; the photo intensified with "likes" after Walking Dead actress Kylie Szymanski posted the dog's picture on her fan page.

On Wednesday, Szymanski posted her update and thanked everyone for helping out, but stated that Herman still has not been rescued:

Wow!! So many new likes and requests for status updates on my friend Herman who is still desperately awaiting a new home. He has gotten so much publicity thanks to some new friends who have jumped in to help. It is more than I can handle on this fan page so please send serious inquiries to either Randy Lillquist or Johanna Falber. Herman only has one more day and there is at least one rescue willing to pull him. We just need a foster or even better an adopter! You all are the absolute best and I can't thank you enough for spreading the word!

For more information on helping Herman, please refer to the following:

Fulton County Animal Services
860 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Shelter Hours:
Monday- Friday 11am- 7pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am- 6pm


Please share Herman's story with your friends, family and coworkers. It only takes a few moments to pass his story on to a friend; that person may just be Herman's future human companion.

We're all in your corner Herman.

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