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Pit Bull gets reprieve after mauling 7 year old girl

Pit Bull gets reprieve, 7 year old girl gets surgery
Pit Bull gets reprieve, 7 year old girl gets surgery
Courtesy Jessica Nygra NBC Chicago

While playing in the snow with friends a 7 year old girl was attacked by her neighbor's Pit Bull. As reported by Jessica Jerreat for Online Mail the neighbor Stan Butrym was having a snowball fight with the group of little girls when his Pit Bull Gus worked his way out of an improperly secured door.

Although Mr. Butrym apologized to the girl’s mother, Jessica Nygra and offered to
re-home the dog with friends, the victim’s family have asked that Gus be destroyed. After a hearing where the dog was ordered to be destroyed, Mr. Butrym appealed the decision and eventually surrendered the dog to a rescue group out of state who intend to give the dog extensive training.

On the facebook page save Gus, in Indiana, they have stated that due to all the death threats that had been posted, it was safer for the dog to be relocated somewhere safe rather than fight for him to be returned to his current home.

What about consideration for the mental and physical health of the little girl. That sounds like a better reason for relocating or destroying the dog. Where in all of this is the compassion for this little girl. Who was subjected to surgery and physical therapy and may have to have further surgery.

According to in 2013 Pit bulls made up only about 6 percent of the total U.S. dog population, however were responsible for 78 percent of the dog bite fatalities. 56 percent were children 7 years old and under. Between the years 2005 and 2013 Pit Bulls killed 176 Americans, about one citizen every 18.6 days.

The mother of the child Jessica Nygra stated that Gus tore through the child’s snow suit and cloths before ripping through the child. That is the difference between an attack and a bite. Any dog is capable of biting under the right circumstances. But a vicious dog with intent of killing their victim tears and shakes the victim and does not let go. Any dog that will do that is a dangerous animal that needs to be put down. It does not mean that they are not nice most of the time. Serial killers are probably nice most of the time, but they too are ticking time bombs and also should be destroyed.

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