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Pistol Patent Day

Pistol Patent Day
Pistol Patent Day
Colt Police Revolver 1927: Hatchetfish

Feb. 25 is Pistol Patent Day, an annual event that commemorates U..S. Patent #138. On this day in 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent for the "world’s first commercially viable revolving cylinder firearm," the Colt Revolver.

Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt was born in Hartford, CT., on July 19, 1814. He studied navigation but had a keen interest in mechanics. He sailed the sea as a seaman and was fascinated with how the ship's wheel worked. He created a wooden wheel prototype that would one day influence his revolver design. Colt's revolving-cylinder design helped revolutionize the industry although its multiple-shot design was not immediately embraced.

He married Elizabeth Jarvis in 1856. The following year, he built Armsmear, a spectacular mansion in Connecticut, as a gift to Elizabeth. The couple had five children. Only one survived infancy. At 47, Colt died a rich man in 1862. His estate was estimated to be worth $15 million. His wife took over the company which is still in business today.


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