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Pistachios: The Skinny Nut

Wonderful Pistachios
Wonderful Pistachios

It’s baseball season and nothing can be more wonderful than catching a game at your favorite stadium. Although it’s the great American past time, at the ball park you are surrounded by high calorie, low nutrition foods that are so tempting. Things such as cheese drenched nachos or butter popcorn which can send your caloric intake skyrocketing for the day. Who needs that?

Since most baseball games last around three hours try focusing on eating things that not only taste great but also have added health benefits. Nuts are always a great choice and in this instance pistachios can be the perfect choice. And with many companies now offering snack packs, one in particular being Wonderful Pistachios, why not chomp on that instead of French fries?

If you are still not convinced here are six great reasons to make pistachios a part of your snacking lineup.

Research Proves it
• A recent Harvard University study suggests a daily handful of pistachios may have a role in health and longevity. It has been linked to the prevention of heart disease, cancer, and respiratory ailments.

High Satisfaction
• Eating around 30 pistachios is only about 100 calories, which is pretty filling.

More to share
• It is the lowest fat nut and offers more nuts per serving when compared to any other snack nut.

Packs a Nutritional Punch
• One single serving of pistachios has three grams of fiber, which is so important because most Americans are lacking fiber in their daily diets.

Good Fat
•Almost 90% of the fat found in pistachios is unsaturated fat, “the good stuff,” making them a better snack choice than popular fried foods such as potato chips.

Won’t Pad your Waistline
• Best of all even though they are high in fat it does not appear that they contribute to obesity. It’s been found that they may actually help with weight loss.

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