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Pisces Forecast for March

Pisces March Astrology Forecast
Pisces March Astrology Forecast

This month has luck in store for all Pisces born under Neptune's influence. As the month begins under a new moon, your creativity will rise and shine. It's probably been on hold for a while. Your love life will get some much needed spark in the middle of the month under the full moon's influence.

If you've been wanting to change jobs or are just job hunting, this is the month for you! If your job includes travel, you may be getting more money either by promotion, raise or sales. Travel is highlighted and you are in good company with Jupiter's luck shining your way. This is the time to get out there and renew your energy through seeing new sights.

Your creativity is also highlighted the whole month. This is the time to get out that creative hobby and put your given talents to good use. This will brighten your mood and your influence on other's. Socializing is a must to bring out your funny sense of humor.

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