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Pisces, a sign of beauty, subtlety and mystery.

Pisces the sign of the Fish
Pisces the sign of the Fish
Photoillustration by Valerie Morrissey

We are now in Pisces since February 18. For the past few days the Sun has been keeping company with Neptune. This may bring some very interesting experiences for people.

To recap my previous remarks about Mercury in Pisces: Mysteries may be solved now. Answers will come to you in unusual ways. If you have been trying to find a long lost relative or document, your intuition may lead you to it. You may find something you weren’t even looking for or get unexpected news. Clandestine affairs and illegal activities maybe uncovered at this time with embarrassing consequences. This holds doubly true for the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces! The Sun casts light on things, things that until now have been in darkness or shadows.

Note the New Moon in Pisces on March 1 and remember to make a wish. Gear your hopes and thoughts towards the positive Pisces traits, kindness, patience, forbearance and inspiration. You can have fun with transits in Pisces. You can be creative. This is a good time to enjoy reading more (poetry, mystery and romance), music, concerts, dancing, yoga, meditation or religious retreats. Going off by yourself for a while may be good for you and improve your perspective on things. Some people become more spiritually aware at this time. Religious awakening may be in store for those who are ready.

Be careful, though, this also is a time of vacillation, confusion and temptation. It’s hard to focus and stay grounded. People drink more and take drugs now out of boredom or a desire to escape. Pisces produces many alcoholics and substance abusers. It’s been a horrible winter and everyone has been grumpy, depressed or disoriented. Hang in there, spring is coming.

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