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Pirates to land in Shanghai Disneyland

Disney recently revealed a new land, dedicated entirely to pirates, for its upcoming Shaghai park.
Disney recently revealed a new land, dedicated entirely to pirates, for its upcoming Shaghai park.

A re-imagined pirates spectacle will greet the first visitors to Shanghai Disneyland, as per Disney CEO Bob Iger at the company's Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Anchoring the project will be a new iteration of the classic Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, the centerpiece of a entire themed land devoted to swashbuckling piracy.

It will be the first time a pirate land has appeared in a Disney park. Citing the solid success of the pirates attraction and its blockbuster film franchise, Iger stated the company's intention to "...create a one-of-a-kind experience that would appeal to our Chinese guests while remaining true to its Disney heritage." Dubbed Pirates Cove, the elaborately themed land will include several attractions such as a full scale pirate ship as well as the E-ticket headliner. New technologies, and the involvement of film characters like Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, will help define the modern design of the beloved boat ride.

This will mark the third major redesign of the 1967 standard. Both Florida and Tokyo exports of the ride adhered closely to the original, differing mainly the issue of drops. High ground water levels in both locations made the two drops of the Disneyland version unfeasible, resulting in the creation of an additional "treasure room" scene to make up the difference. The generous budget and start-from-scratch mentality of Disneyland Paris' planning, though, called for something entirely different. Imagineers responded by crafting a critically acclaimed variation on the Pirates of the Caribbean tale, tightening the storytelling and building new sequences populated by state of the art animatronics. Even the issue of the drops was addressed, with guests starting the main portion of the ride by going up a lift, thus allowing the ride's designers to place ensuing drops as needed.

If the Paris example is any indication, fans will have a treat to look forward to in Shanghai's Pirates Cove.