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Piranha Bites announces ‘Risen 3: Titan Lords’

Piranha Bites announces ‘Risen 3: Titan Lords’-slide0
Deep Silver

Game developer Piranha Bites and publisher Deep Silver announced “Risen 3: Titan Lords” via a press release obtained by Examiner today. The game is set for an August 2014 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, via Steam.

The sequel to “Risen 2: Dark Waters,” Piranha Bites said gamers can expect more of the same open-world RPG action that made the last two games in the series cult favorites. Much like the other games in the series, Deep Silver and Piranha said the game will be set in a “charming, vivid” world.

While little has been divulged of the story thus far, from the look of the screenshots, it’ll feature a nice combination of witty swordplay and epic and surprisingly gritty storytelling.

“Like a carpenter with a hand-crafted piece of furniture, we put together the story, the characters and the landscape – making it all fit together so that the player has the possibility to discover an entire universe,” Bjoern Pankratz, Project Lead at Piranha Bytes said in the press release today. “Exploration is the key to our game.”

Are you excited about the newest addition in the “Risen” series? Will you buy the game once it’s released? Tell us in the comment section below.

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