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Pippa bike tour: Pippa's famous bottom rides on bike seat in Race Across America

Pippa Middleton joins a team of men to cycle 3,000 miles across the USA for charity. The little sister of Kate Middleton, who is known worldwide for her most famous asset, will peddle this really tough course as the only female on the team. This means you might get lucky enough to see Pippa and the most talked about bum in the world on the seat of a bicycle somewhere along your travels!

Pippa Middleton and brother James Middleton are in "Race Across America" riding bikes for charity. they will do

According to MSN Wonderwall on June 16, Pippa will be the only female on the team that is representing Britain in the event "Race Across America." Kate's little sister is seen above decked out in spandex biking attire that sports the British flag on the front.

Kate's brother James, who is sporting a beard these days, joins his sister in this race. This means that Kate's only siblings will be on U.S. soil at the same time biking across America.

ABC News reports that the team will shoot for traveling 300 to 500 miles a day on a charted route that includes some steep terrain. They will ride through 12 states in eight days. The team includes six other bikers along with Kate and James, which makes eight bikers on this team.

The world first got a good eyeful of Pippa when she attended her sister as maid of honor on her wedding day. Pippa's dress was form-fitting and her backside made headline news for weeks and it still gets quite a few mentions in the media today.

Pippa and James are training for this long and painstaking feat and the paparazzi caught up with them to snap a few photos of the brother-sister cyclists. Pippa was in great form in her tight-fighting spandex bike shorts, as seen in the picture above.

Poor James Middleton, while he is just as much a sibling to one of the most famous women in the world, Kate Middleton, he takes a backseat to Pippa. The headlines read "Pippa to bike across the U.S." and a little way down in the articles posted online comes something that resembles, oh, yeah and James too!

James has been headline news in the past with his online cake business, especially when he launched an "adult only" line of cakes. Back a few years the media tried to make a scandal out of those cakes, but it just fizzled out.

It is not known what type of entourage will tag along with the future queen's siblings in their ride across America, but chances are they will have some sort of protection via bodyguards peddling alongside of them.

According to the Race Across America website, The cross-country trek starts in San Diego and ends in Annapolis, Maryland. There are six time stations on the route:

Time Station 6 - Congress, AZ
Time Station 32 - Camdenton, MO
Time Station 41 - Oxford, OH
Time Station 42 - Blanchester, OH
Time Station 52 - Mt Airy, MD

The British team of bikers with Pippa and James Middleton are expected to draw crowds of spectators along the course. So if you see a group of people standing along the side of the road waving British flags, you will have a good idea who they are waiting for!

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